PGY 4s

Aisha James

Aisha James

Born: Milton, MA

Education: B.A. Psychology & French, Amherst College (2007); M.Ed, Special Education, Brooklyn College (2010), M.D., Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai (2014)

Loves to: Spend time outdoors (cities, forests, mountains, lakes, and especially the beach); explore new places on foot; dance; doodle; paint; travel; watch TV and movies; spend time with family and friends

Wants to: Be an academic primary care provider; work at a community health center with underserved populations; develop new interventions to address obesity, and to improve health literacy in low SES communities

Ask me about: Things to do in New England, my favorite children’s books and cheerleading

Vimal Jhaveri

Vimal JhaveriBorn: Denver, CO

Education: B.A. Biology with a specialization in Neuroscience, Boston University. B.A. Psychology, Boston University. M.D. University of Colorado

Loves to: Hear and tell corny jokes and puns, play sports, watch sports, explore new places, root for the Denver Broncos, hang out with my wife, cook, eat cheese, try new restaurants and recipes

Wants to: Do an Infectious Disease Fellowship. Travel the world. Eat burritos.

Ask me about: Having a wedding during orientation! Moving from far away, trying to buy a house, non medical spouses.

Madeleine Matthiesen

Madeleine MatthiesenBorn: Chicago, IL

Education: B.A. Human Evolutionary Biology, Harvard (2009); M.D. University of Chicago (2014)

Loves to: play and watch sports, read everything from chick lit to Shakespeare, travel, learn about new languages and cultures (including, of course, trying new types of food!), and explore Boston with my husband, Brad

Wants to: do a little bit of a lot of things! Probably mostly a primary care doctor in an underresourced setting with a mix of hospitalist work, medical education, and maybe even a little bit of research and/or policy

Ask me about: moving to the East Coast from elsewhere (twice!), how to get by as a non-Boston sports fan (phew, it can be tough at times), where to find the best desserts—from ice cream to pie to cannoli!

Sarah Messmer-Kurdziel

Sarah Messmer web bio photo

Born: Woodstock, IL

Education: Undergrad at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign (BS in Engineering Physics).  MD at Harvard Medical School.

Loves to: Explore the world – from Guatemala to the streets of Cambridge and Boston – mostly by bike, but hiking and kayaking are also acceptable; garden and then cook home-grown veggies; find new swimming holes for my wife Annie and our dog, Darwin; learn new languages; bike to far away places – I hope to make it to and from Cape Cod before the end of residency.

Wants to: Be a primary care provider in an underserved community; work with immigrant communities; provide medical education in global health settings, particularly in Latin America

Ask me about: Bicycle commuting; vegan and vegetarian cooking (and also great restaurants in the Boston area); building tables from scratch; Somerville/Cambridge; Walden Pond; living/working in Guatemala

Molly Wolf

photo-7Born: Concord, MA

Education: B.S. Cellular and Molecular Biology, University of Michigan. M.D. University of Massachusetts

Loves to: Spend time with family and friends, do anything outdoors – especially boating, watersports, swimming, hiking and running, watching sports, cooking, exploring Boston and traveling!

Wants to: Do Adult Pulmonary/Critical Care,  practice academic medicine with large component of teaching and advocacy, and hopefully improving my spanish enough to use in practice

Ask me about: Activities in the Boston area, non-traditional residency paths, baking (especially items with chocolate), Michigan football

Med-Peds PGY1s at the annual Med-Peds Graduation/Intern Welcome Reception
Med-Peds PGY3s at their annual Med-Peds Graduation/Intern Welcome Reception
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