The view from the Lunder building, taken by Aura Obando.
The view from the Lunder building, taken by Aura Obando.

The goals of the Harvard MGH Med-Peds Program include:

MassGeneral Internal Medicine Residency
MassGeneral Hospital for Children Pediatric Residency

MGH alumni across all specialties are in positions of leadership in academic institutions around the U.S., nonprofit agencies worldwide, and  numerous business ventures both small and large.  Training here provides great opportunities for cross-pollination of ideas and developing a professional network.

The MGH Med-Peds program is a family. We firmly believe that residency is not something to merely survive, but is a time of incredible personal growth. The bonding with colleagues and mentors is a crucial support during this season, and residents experience many life milestones outside of medicine. We view ourselves as a source of support throughout this time.



Program History

The Harvard MGH Medicine-Pediatrics Program began in 1989 as the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Med-Peds Residency. In 1995, the original MGH med-peds program merged with the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) and Children’s Hospital Boston (CHB) Med-Peds Residency (formed in 1994), to become the Harvard Combined Med-Peds Program (HCMP), encompassing all four core programs. In 2006, the ACGME mandated to all med-peds programs across the country that they have only one parent medicine program and one parent pediatric program. This necessitated the division of the Harvard Combined Program into The Harvard MGH Med-Peds Program and the Harvard BWH/CHB Med-Peds Program. The programs continue to work together, jointly hosting medical student med-peds interest group events.


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